16 Dec

Mapping business opportunities with Bluetooth Beacon Technology

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The business world is changing in a fast and rapid way, business is opened to a different wave of innovation with a magnitude that has not cross the heart of many or as seen back in the industrial revolution. The result and the exploitation of new digital technology are far obtaining and has affected companies beyond. Companies’ failure to adapt and integrate them into the processes of their business can make their business model turn obsolete and make them struggle in a competitive market. To consider the length of the changed digital marketing brings, it is necessary to talk about its transformation.

Digital technology is a widely and complicated concept; in a company context, it can be referred to both the operational model and value proposition induced by digital technologies. The pressure from increasing globalized companies forces other businesses to deploy and integrate more cost efficient technologies to boost operation.

One of this digital technology is beacon technology. Beacons like Eddystone are small devices that can carry out a different range of function. From location based events to work sensors. The actual implementation of iBeacon technology was seen in most retail stores. An American fashion store deployed 4000 beacons in its 786 stores across the U.S, and in a football stadium, the use of beacon has already started, to send offers to fans you are present.



The very aim of this technology is to create appropriate value from the rise of Bluetooth in other to enable beacon technology. Since radio frequency is what RFID technology use and it affected by location.


Digital technology, which may be described as changes in both the companies’ operational model and its values is a concept everybody is talking about today. The only technology that can be a part of digital technology is the beacon technology, because of the transformation it has brought. The only difficulty is to deduce other areas this technology can offer a solution and monetize them.

The receiving end of Beacons

This low energy consumption of Bluetooth LE allows the constant enabling of a device to search for beacon around the vicinity without no effect on its battery performance. Its function is to; continuously scan the environment for iBeacon; is a service only for IOS devices, which the device can sign up for notifications on a set of IDs. Same also in the Android enable Eddystone technology for only Android devices.