07 Mar

I am so excited for the weekend

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I am so excited for the weekend. Oh my God, this new job is really starting to lose the spark that had me so attached to it before, and it is just becoming the same as any other old job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about it, and I’m super grateful to be doing a job in the field and which I went to school for, but I guess I just feel that like… The work week is the work week, and work is work, and no matter what if I’m working 9 to 5 it is going to get tedious. Do you know what I mean, of course you do.

So, like every other chapter of my life, life has become a waiting game for the weekend. And I am not, not not not, going to let my weekends go to waste. Especially now that I’m learning a bit more and I can spend kind of literally, most of my student loan debt is gone, and the rest of it well.. I don’t really care about anymore. So, what am I going to do, you might be asking? Well, Friday night I’m going to a show and the bar with a group of friends, and it is going to be funny and fantastic and, quite honestly, it’s probably going to get a bit drunk up in there. Saturday, starting with brunch. Brunch is an essential element of any day. Well, any day worth living on the weekend at least! So, after brunch I’m going to go to my favorite Raleigh Spa   which has literally never disappointed me in all my years of being a client there. No matter what I need, whether I’m sick or so or just needing to kick back and relax in the Jacuzzi or the steam room, or even just the hot tub, that Spa of mine is absolutely the best in the world as far as I am concerned. Once I’m done with the spa, it’s my good friends birthday, and we’re surprising him with the house party at our other best friend’s house. Once again, there will be good food, good wine, and I’m sure there will also be good times. And on Sunday? I always leave my Sunday free and opened, and ready for all sorts of spontaneous fun.