23 Mar

Differences between Theta S and Theta SC:

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Differences between Theta S and Theta SC:

Ricoh Theta SC is the latest version of camera launched by Ricoh Manufacturers. The features in the new camera were modified based on the feedback of the old version. A few major changes are thus made in the new version while keeping most of the features similar to Theta S. The differences between the two versions are discussed below:

Video Time:

Theta S had the feature of continuously recording the video for 25 minutes. In the customer feedback, it was found that the 25 minutes video was seldom used. This is why in the new version the company allowed the video making a feature to be 5 minutes only. In case, the customer has to use a video of more than 5 minutes, the video can be started again and stored on the device, which provides this facility. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that Theta SC also has the same 8GB memory, so you should take care of your storage space running out.

Micro-HDMI port:

The Theta S or the older version of the camera had the Micro-HDMI port. This port was used for the live streaming mode of the camera. After the removal of this port in Theta SC, the customers cannot enjoy the feature of live streaming.


The design of both the versions of the camera is a bit changed. The Theta S had a soft touch whereas the Theta SC is resin. However, the colors provided in the camera are still 4. These include blue, pink, beige, and white.

Improvement in Application:

The application that supported both Android and IOS users has been updated to remove the bugs and make the working of the application easy. The target base of the application of Theta SC has been aimed to help the people who are less tech-savvy.


The weight of both the cameras of the Ricoh is different as well. Theta S was 125g but its latest version Theta SC is 20% lighter and its weight is 102g. However, none of the versions can be termed as heavy.

Shutter Speed:

The shutter speed has also been improved in the new version of the camera introduced. Previously, it was 1/6400 whereas now it is 1/8000.

The major points of differences have been mentioned in this article. Both the versions are good to use. However, the latest one i.e. Ricoh Theta SC is a bit improved one.