05 Mar

Difference between ASO and SEO

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Difference between ASO and SEO

Few similarities in ASO and SEO

The mobiles are penetrating all across the globe and app store optimisation plays a major role in the immense popularity of apps. The optimization of websites is important   and similarly the optimisation for apps is also very important.  Here we will discuss about the difference between ASO and SEO.

Both ASO and SEO are focussed on the results of the query and due to which keywords are very important to both ASO and SEO. In addition both depend on traffic as well as queries for search made by the users/visitors.

SEO is about ranking a website or content on search engine while ASO involves ranking an app in an app store.

User behaviour when making searches

When a visitor is in an app store and he is making a search they show different behaviour. They also expect different results from when they result in making the search engine results. For example a particular word will have different results if searched on two different search engines.

Search semantics differ

When the same user searches his query in an app store and web browser there is a difference even in the way user does it. This gives us a clear picture that if the user searches on the app store and then he also searches on the web then his intention in both the above situations is different.

Trends in search and in the app store

As far as the trend in web search and in app search are concerned they both are used to give better results to the user.  In web search the trends in search are usually features that are related to app. In the case of app store the trends are in accordance to app ranking factors such as the frequency of use, installs and previous data.

Importance of search

Search is very important irrespective of what all channels you are searching. The fact is that you cannot thing of app marketing if you do not have search in mind. This is because search tells you that how users are able to find your app.


There is a slight doubt that ASO and SEO are perfect ways to enhance your chances of optimization.  Both ASO and SEO help to improve the rankings   and the only difference is that one improves on the search engine while the other improves on the app store.

These are some of the major differences between app optimization store and search engine optimization.