02 Mar

My Stand on Outsourcing

I will support software development outsourcing to anybody who wants to improve their technological capabilities within their organization. I think it is so much more effective than any other solution, and I think that Outsourcing is made for exactly this type of thing. Outsourcing has been on the rise since the second half of the 20th century and it continues to make a prominent Mark in the economy today, so much so that I think it’s very surprising that more people don’t use it to do things. So many aspects of so many businesses could be improved by the employment of them of Outsourcing and still I find them very few people do it. For my organization, using software engineer from the third party to develop our program and was absolutely essential for my business to become profitable. For a short time, I had the luxury of having a specialized team of software Engineers collaborating on my project, something that I never would have been able to afford had I been employing from my own organisation. By Contracting a third party organization, whether it’s local or International, you are doing yourself a tremendous service in the short-term and especially in the long run. Even though the expenses hi, you can then allocate all of the rest of your resources to becoming so productive that the expenses paid to contract the third party organization are made up by the efficiency within the workplace and how that impacts productivity. That’s my opinion on this, and I think that the fax back it up. I’ve looked at a lot of data analytics and other such things, and I have seen nothing that says that Outsourcing, especially when it comes to software and programming, is not a good idea, everything I have said has shown that it is almost always a sensible option.

01 Mar

Why is the trend of landscape pictures rising so much?


Why is the trend of landscape pictures rising so much?

The trend of landscape pictures are growing day by day- and for good reasons. Landscape pictures give you a sense of belonging and make you feel better during a bad day. They show to you the different explorations other people make while travelling around the world. You learn about new creatures, the hidden species in the wildlife and the new shades of nature.

A true escape

This world of technology, 9-5 routine and constant load of work has trapped us within the materialistic objects. We start our day in a room, travel in cars, work in concrete jungles, eat within the closed walls of the room and have less or no interaction with how the things we are interacting with reach to us. This disconnect and gap is filled with images of our reality and the true space we live in. Honestly, it is actually the beauty of nature on which we have crafted our new little world. So eventually, all of us are attracted back towards it.


24 Jan

Hassle free vehicle


If you want to get to know your city, in a way that no other way can help you do, you will probably want to buy a scooter. Unfortunately, vehicles at a lot of carbon emissions to the environment, effectively poisoning yourself, your neighbors, Intercity with the exhaust created from a vehicle. So, what if I were to tell you that you can drive a vehicle without any of these problems? One of the solutions that exists is UNU‘s motor scooter. This thing is completely electrical, and you don’t need any oil and gas at all. In fact, you can’t use oil and gas with the scooter. Basically, what you use is a battery. The battery is very portable comment tell me about 9 kilograms, and you can take it with you anywhere. All you have to do if your battery runs out, very rarely happens, is plugged into a wall. If you plug it into a wall 5 hours every three days, you will basically guarantee yourself that you can drive at least 50 kilometers in that time. 50 kilometers for 5 hours of charging, in a world that will never lead to you buying oil and gas again with this vehicle, makes that a pretty sweet deal. A lot of people buy a second battery, and then they can go a hundred kilometers without worrying about charging. I think this is a wonderful invention, and UNU is very smart to be investing in it. They are also smart because they don’t actually manufacture your scooter until you place the order. This way. You can choose the colors that your bike will be, and you can also choose which engine you want. None of them can go much faster than 45 kilometers an hour, which is perfect for the city in my opinion, but they can all get there in a different way at a different rate depending on how it is being driven. I heard you can some interest in this, and if you’re in Germany, you should definitely check it out. If you’re living in Germany– what are you waiting for? Go get your hands on one of these things as soon as possible!


13 Jan

Scooter for the eco-friendly driver

So I found a very smart electric scooter in Berlin, Germany. I guess I should have expected that the solutions that I was looking forward to show themselves over in the old world. Call it an old world all you will, and the history is impressive, but it seems like a lot of the most impressive cultural Innovations are coming out of Europe. When it comes to Machinery, it specifically seems that the Germans have a down. Many household appliances run far more efficiently, and other German machines are constantly showing up their competition from the United States in many fields. This is no different. I love this little scooter made by UNU. I think this electric scooter is one of the best that I have ever seen in my entire life. They check out, too. They are sponsored by the United Nations, they’ve been featured on the BBC, and they work in partnership with one of Germany’s most trusted auto service providers for maintenance. Although, all reports suggest that the maintenance on these scooters is very few and far between, it still doesn’t hurt to be able to take it to the best of something does go wrong. You know how the roads are. Crazy crazy. Anyway, the thing that makes these most special, other than the fact they don’t use fossil fuels at all and that the thing is completely electric, is the fact that they don’t actually produced your scooter until you order it. This allows you to choose the colors and engine that you want, and once you have paid, they design and manufacture the bike and ship it to you, fully built, in a box. Well, not quite fully built, you do have to put the license plate on yourself.

Added to goals: elektroroller kaufen! (buy a scooter!)


08 Jan

Accurate and precise computation for grades

Could I ask for a better final grade calculator…? No I have found the ultimate. I really, truly have– in this case, the ultimate also happens to be the most simple, which is not always a recurring theme for me, sometimes I’d like some excessive gadgets and special features and things like that, where is this is just a Bare Bones come a basic, skeleton of a great idea that is delivered perfectly and accurately. Some things in life don’t need to have a cherry on top, in this sense, the cherry on top of this website, the final grade percent is the simple fact that accurately in perfectly with minimum input or effort. Basically it is just the peak of efficiency. I’m used to a lot of these types of programs in the past, and they always manage to do it correctly but sometimes they require a lot more information than this Particular site managers to deal with. Seriously, this site literally only has three little boxes to fill out and a button. The boxes do not require sentences, they require simple numbers like your current grade, the grade you need to get, and the worth of your final exam. None of this information is difficult to obtain even in the least. It’s very easy to obtain come as a matter of fact, and with it, you get exactly what you need. Just like that. No frills, no gimmicks period just results that are fully accurate all the time. So, could I ask for a better final grade calculator. And no, I do believe that I absolutely cannot. And that is certainly saying something.

16 Dec

Mapping business opportunities with Bluetooth Beacon Technology

The business world is changing in a fast and rapid way, business is opened to a different wave of innovation with a magnitude that has not cross the heart of many or as seen back in the industrial revolution. The result and the exploitation of new digital technology are far obtaining and has affected companies beyond. Companies’ failure to adapt and integrate them into the processes of their business can make their business model turn obsolete and make them struggle in a competitive market. To consider the length of the changed digital marketing brings, it is necessary to talk about its transformation.

Digital technology is a widely and complicated concept; in a company context, it can be referred to both the operational model and value proposition induced by digital technologies. The pressure from increasing globalized companies forces other businesses to deploy and integrate more cost efficient technologies to boost operation.

One of this digital technology is beacon technology. Beacons like Eddystone are small devices that can carry out a different range of function. From location based events to work sensors. The actual implementation of iBeacon technology was seen in most retail stores. An American fashion store deployed 4000 beacons in its 786 stores across the U.S, and in a football stadium, the use of beacon has already started, to send offers to fans you are present.



The very aim of this technology is to create appropriate value from the rise of Bluetooth in other to enable beacon technology. Since radio frequency is what RFID technology use and it affected by location.


Digital technology, which may be described as changes in both the companies’ operational model and its values is a concept everybody is talking about today. The only technology that can be a part of digital technology is the beacon technology, because of the transformation it has brought. The only difficulty is to deduce other areas this technology can offer a solution and monetize them.

The receiving end of Beacons

This low energy consumption of Bluetooth LE allows the constant enabling of a device to search for beacon around the vicinity without no effect on its battery performance. Its function is to; continuously scan the environment for iBeacon; is a service only for IOS devices, which the device can sign up for notifications on a set of IDs. Same also in the Android enable Eddystone technology for only Android devices.

23 Mar

Differences between Theta S and Theta SC:

Differences between Theta S and Theta SC:

Ricoh Theta SC is the latest version of camera launched by Ricoh Manufacturers. The features in the new camera were modified based on the feedback of the old version. A few major changes are thus made in the new version while keeping most of the features similar to Theta S. The differences between the two versions are discussed below:

Video Time:

Theta S had the feature of continuously recording the video for 25 minutes. In the customer feedback, it was found that the 25 minutes video was seldom used. This is why in the new version the company allowed the video making a feature to be 5 minutes only. In case, the customer has to use a video of more than 5 minutes, the video can be started again and stored on the device, which provides this facility. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that Theta SC also has the same 8GB memory, so you should take care of your storage space running out.

Micro-HDMI port:

The Theta S or the older version of the camera had the Micro-HDMI port. This port was used for the live streaming mode of the camera. After the removal of this port in Theta SC, the customers cannot enjoy the feature of live streaming.


The design of both the versions of the camera is a bit changed. The Theta S had a soft touch whereas the Theta SC is resin. However, the colors provided in the camera are still 4. These include blue, pink, beige, and white.

Improvement in Application:

The application that supported both Android and IOS users has been updated to remove the bugs and make the working of the application easy. The target base of the application of Theta SC has been aimed to help the people who are less tech-savvy.


The weight of both the cameras of the Ricoh is different as well. Theta S was 125g but its latest version Theta SC is 20% lighter and its weight is 102g. However, none of the versions can be termed as heavy.

Shutter Speed:

The shutter speed has also been improved in the new version of the camera introduced. Previously, it was 1/6400 whereas now it is 1/8000.

The major points of differences have been mentioned in this article. Both the versions are good to use. However, the latest one i.e. Ricoh Theta SC is a bit improved one.






07 Mar

I am so excited for the weekend

I am so excited for the weekend. Oh my God, this new job is really starting to lose the spark that had me so attached to it before, and it is just becoming the same as any other old job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about it, and I’m super grateful to be doing a job in the field and which I went to school for, but I guess I just feel that like… The work week is the work week, and work is work, and no matter what if I’m working 9 to 5 it is going to get tedious. Do you know what I mean, of course you do.


05 Mar

Difference between ASO and SEO

Difference between ASO and SEO

Few similarities in ASO and SEO

The mobiles are penetrating all across the globe and app store optimisation plays a major role in the immense popularity of apps. The optimization of websites is important   and similarly the optimisation for apps is also very important.  Here we will discuss about the difference between ASO and SEO.

Both ASO and SEO are focussed on the results of the query and due to which keywords are very important to both ASO and SEO. In addition both depend on traffic as well as queries for search made by the users/visitors.

SEO is about ranking a website or content on search engine while ASO involves ranking an app in an app store.